Requirements For Flight Nurses And Paramedics On International Flights

International Medical Flights – Nurses & Paramedics

MattLejcar ps blog 277x300 Requirements For Flight Nurses And Paramedics On International FlightsBeing a flight nurse or a flight paramedic can be very rewarding. You get to save people’s lives, therefore feeling your life does have a meaning. However, making the transition from a regular nurse in a hospital or a paramedic on a land ambulance is not easy. There are lots of requirements you need to comply with, and necessary certifications along with an active participation in programs of continuing medical education.

Moreover, flight nurses and paramedics need to have previous experience in intensive care units in hospitals or in emergency services. They need to be able to cope with all medical emergencies that may occur while on an aircraft. If they have Advanced Cardiac Life Support and International Trauma Life Support certifications, they stand a better chance at landing a job in air medical transport.

Careers As Flight Nurses Or Paramedics

For getting a job as a flight nurse or paramedic, you need to get in touch with the hiring company and ask them for a detailed job description and requirements.

You will need at least NIMS training IS 100, 200, 700, 800 and HazMat, a specialty certification such as CFRN, CCRN or CEN and advanced trauma courses.

Some of these certifications are not pre-requisites, but you need to acquire them within a certain period of hire. You can usually find these jobs posted on the websites of various international medical flight operators.

One idea might be to apply as a team of nurse and paramedic, especially if you have several years of working together in ambulance or emergency services on land. This kind of job, more than many others, requires a special dedication to the care and safety of the patients, therefore this job takes people who are compassionate, professional and rigorous, who can assess a situation act quickly to do whatever it takes to stabilize a patient and transport them safely.

High Level Of Training Required

Flight nurses and paramedics need to be very well trained and very stable from emotional point of view. While in air, they need to be able to assess the nature and the extent of a patient’s injury or illness and know how to prioritize care needed, to keep the patient as stable as possible throughout the flight.

Safety is key in this profession. Moreover, all medical staff needs to be able to maintain their calm and to focus on the patient in a medical flight emergency.

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