Air ambulances play a vital role for those who have been injured and need immediate evacuation to a hospital or for those in need of a transport from one medical facility to another. Bovik Medical Services discusses many different types of air medical transport that can help you.

There are often times when an ill patient requires a transport from one medical facility to another. For example, this could be a patient that was involved in an automobile accident and suffer a brain injury. They may be stable enough to leave the hospital but need extensive rehabilitation at a special facility. I would be impractical to transport them by ground ambulance, particularly over a long distance. This is when the air ambulance is an excellent choice for the transport. Air ambulance can offer professional, fast transports. The medical crew and flight crew are highly trained and experienced. The personal attention they give patients makes for a comfortable transport. These companies put the safety and comfort of the patient first. You can read more about the medical crew, equipment and services offered on our blog.

flight_crews_transporting_from_ground_to_air_on_a_stretcherThe medical crews are made up of flight nurses and flight paramedics. They are professionals that are trained to handle all types of patients and emergency situations that may occur. The medical crews will be informed ahead of time of the patient’s health issues, medications, history and more. This will ensure that all the patient’s needs are met.

jet_air_ambulance_transportThe type of aircraft used for a medical transport is decided by the patient’s needs, distance to travel and other factors. Business jets like Cessna Citations and Learjets used by air ambulance companies ensure that the patient is comfortable during the transport. When time is of the essence, these jets can rapidly move patients from anywhere in the world to a medical facility.

These companies have a true commitment to providing the best care for those in need. The aircraft they use are spacious enough to accommodate medical crew, medical equipment, the patient and family without compromising safety.

The air medical transport business has evolved to become a necessary service. Helping ill and injured patients get to the destinations they need to go to is an invaluable service. By offering the highest standards of care and safety, the crews involved in these important air medical transports strive to provide the type of service their patients deserve.




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