How A Pilot Can Become A Medical Jet Pilot

There are many requirements for a pilot to become a medical jet pilot. First, they are required to have a preset amount of hours in the air flying. They must be top notch and up to date on the latest equipment as well as the latest techniques. It can take ten or more years to become qualified for this job position.

After getting the pilots license and putting in the required hours of training, the pilot must then become medical certified. They must have nurse or paramedic training and continually upgrade their skills by attending appropriate training and passing the training sessions.

Instrument rating will be a necessity as well. The pilot must pass all of the instructional courses and they must be able to use the equipment in the proper fashion.

Many persons who wish to become a medical jet pilot started with being a pilot in the military. They have been specially trained to fly in and out of combat areas while saving the lives of their fellow countrymen.

They then take this training and transition back into the civilian life turning to a medical career for emergency services. Many hours must be spent understanding emergency services and how they work. This is not a job that someone just walks into out of high school. They must first do the appropriate training and learn to land their jet in areas that would be difficult to land in for a regular plane.

advanced life saving training 300x147 How A Pilot Can Become A Medical Jet PilotThey must also take advanced life saving classes and learn how to do a variety of tasks in order to save the patient. The candidate will have weeks of ground school before they ever take to the air. There will be simulations and tests along the way that will put the candidate into a life threatening situation that they must deal with.

Once they are certified they will still have to attend training sessions periodically throughout the year to prove that they are still fit to fly. They must be free of drug or alcohol addictions.

The pilot must also pass some psychological tests as well as aptitude tests. It is important that the pilot be able to handle themselves appropriately in any situation that may come their way. Eye exams and physical exams are also important.

With so many requirements, it almost sounds as if these candidates are spending a lot of time in the classroom and much less time in the air. This is not actually the case however, the candidate must be top notch in order to be certified to fly the medical jet plane. Getting a license to be able to fly not only private jets, but for medical transportation requires the necessary training, certification and flight time in order to do so. Read more about becoming an air ambulance pilot at

At all times there are at least two medical personnel on the medical jet. There is always the pilot but also a nurse or paramedic is required. Many pilots have the training to be nurse or paramedic as well as the pilot however, they still require two persons on board so that one person can tend to the requirements of the patient.

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Need an Air Ambulance? What To Consider When Renting

Hiring an air ambulance can make a huge difference for many patients and could mean the difference between life or death, especially when it involves transporting a patient long distances for emergency care. Knowing which situations call for an air ambulance service, as well as what to look for when deciding on one, can help you make wise decisions for your loved one. These services can be costly, but in many cases are essential to the continued well being of those you love.

jet in the air 300x200 Need an Air Ambulance? What To Consider When RentingOne of the most common situations in which an air ambulance is essential is in a critical injury situation that occurred in rural areas, far from any hospitals. In many cases car accidents are to blame, and a critically injured patient will not have the hours it would take to get them to a hospital by land. An air ambulance is by far the quickest way to get patients the medical attention they need in a time sensitive way.

Patients that are seriously ill might also require an air ambulance to transport them to specialized facilities for further, or long term, treatment or care. Pediatric and senior patients are some of the most delicate, and so some of the most common passengers on these specialized air craft. Avoiding the stress of a long commute, the possibility of getting stuck in traffic, and the dangers of the road is the best way to ensure they arrive at their destination for treatment as quickly, and safely, as possible.

Unless it is a life or death situation, it’s important to do a little research and find an air ambulance service that works with your insurance company, and get the transfer pre-approved. If you are calling a reliable and leader in the industry, they will be able to check for you if your insurance will cover the flight. This will ensure you aren’t placed in a financial bind due to the cost of transport, and ensure your loved one is getting the best care possible. Find an air ambulance medical transport at

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Equipment Commonly Found On Air Ambulance Transport Jets

It is not uncommon for individuals to envision medical transport as being nothing more than traditional ambulances which resemble small, mobile clinics. Such vehicles include paramedics trained to offer medical services and are in emergency situations. Many think of such professionals providing oxygen, medications and other critical response solutions.

Are you aware of air ambulance transport as an alternative? The concept is exactly the way it initially seems. Air ambulances fly through they air and have the ability to transport greater amounts of weight and equipment than over-the-road ambulances. We intend to explore some key features of air ambulances below.

Interior Space

It is necessary to realize that air ambulances are restricted on the amount of interior space available. The room in these aircraft can be used up rapidly when a patient or two, plus nursing and paramedic staff come aboard.

medical flight crew equipment 300x168 Equipment Commonly Found On Air Ambulance Transport JetsAir ambulance interiors are designed to sustain and support life during a lengthy travel period. But, this can prove challenging when space is tight and noise becomes more prevalent.

Key Equipment

A flight stretcher approved by the FAA is perhaps the most critical piece of equipment on an air ambulance. Often, these are an integrated part of the plane’s cabin, but may also be detachable. The idea behind them is to offer a great deal of stability for the sick or injured passenger being transported.

In addition, these planes typically feature a ventilator, defibrilator and a respirator. There will always be oxygen available for patients, but also for the flight crew and medical staff. You can check out additional information about the medical equipment and crew by visiting USA Wills Medical Travel at

The majority of air ambulances will also support IV applications. That way, vital fluids and essential medications can be given to patients while en route to their final care destination. Air transport paramedics receive specific training on how to successfully administer fluids intravenously even during mid-air turbulence.

Clearly, air ambulances are fully equipped to handle medical emergencies and situations, just as their terrestrial counterparts are. Each plane is designed to make optimal use of limited space, making them perfect for lengthier trips.

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Why People Choose Life Flight By Using Jets

Many people know about ambulances but few realize that there is a way to get to your emergency room even more quickly. This method is via life flight. They use specialized jets that have all of the medical equipment that could ever save a life on board.

Medical Personnel On A Jet

At all times there are 3 medical personnel on board of the jet. They will arrange to pick up the patient and transport said patient to the receiving facility in order to get them to the medical care that they require in order to save their life.

In addition to the pilot, the other two medical personnel are a nurse and a paramedic. These two are also highly trained in life flights. They will be under the direction of the receiving facility and understand and know what they need to be doing in order to save the patients life.

Patient Transport Types

They will transport a variety of patients who are in life threatening situations. It may be a premature infant in need of specialized care or it may be an elderly person in heart failure. It could be anything in between.

Life flights are called up by the transporting facility if the patient is in need of more care than that facility can give. The employees at that facility will help to stabilize the patient and determine if the patient needs to go in for further care.

If the patient requires it they will arrange for the transportation Service Learning Wiki – via the life flight system that is set up for their specific facility. The life flight will then be dispatched and the patient will be transported to the receiving facility for further care. At all times the flight crew and the receiving facility will be in contact relaying information about the patient.

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What Medical Jet Flights Are The Best?

The very first air transports flights actually occurred during World War I and were set up and conducted by the U.S. military. However, they did not become all that common for civilians until the 1970s. In the 21st century, air ambulance companies have become more popular, thanks to better technology. Jets can of course transport much faster than ground ambulances can. Sometimes the time saved could mean the difference between a patient living or dying.

Medical transport aircraft are business-class jets. Jets used include the Gulfstream, King Air and Lear. Instead of having a regular cabin with seats, these jets are configured with medicines, monitoring equipment, life-support equipment, stretchers and other types of critical care medical supplies.

What Medical Jet Flights Are The Best?

jet medically configured air ambulance 300x200 What Medical Jet Flights Are The Best?Have you seen the sleek, high quality jets that transport politicians, celebrities and top business leaders all over the country? Reputable medical flight companies use the same exact name brand jets.

Other very important factors for all of the best air ambulance services are their ground safety crews, flight crews and medical staff. Of course another thing that is key is the company being committed to treating each patient like they are the most important passenger. The top priority definitely needs to be the patient’s safety, health and comfort.

What Is On Board The Best Medical Jet Flights

When you are boarding a medical jet, the first you’ll notice is the inside resembles a hospital emergency room much more than a small jet cabin. You are likely to see medical supplies like Electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) machines and respirators. All of them have the necessary medications, medical supplies and medical equipment that is needed for transporting a patient needing critical care.

You are greeted by professional and friendly medical teams. These highly trained nurses and paramedics are very good at performing their jobs and are also very experienced when it comes to traveling in jets that fly at hundreds of mile an hour speeds.

flight crews transporting from ground to air on a stretcher 300x181 What Medical Jet Flights Are The Best?There should also be experts supervising from the ground in addition to having medical professionals on board the flight. The in-flight crew does work following protocols that have been carefully developed. However, medical experts that are on the ground also provide them with communication.

The flight crew draws on all of their years of training and experience to ensure that their patients are safe. They are very aware that many of the passengers they are transporting are patients who have serious injuries or illnesses. They know these people need to be transported safely and comfortably.

For this reason, this kind of flight crew will not take flight unless they have optimal conditions. They are well aware that fragile patients cannot be transported through turbulence and storms. All of the best medical jet flights are smooth ones.

If you select one of the leading companies, they own their very own jets. In contrast, some of the smaller companies just lease jets as needed. However, this can cause problems. The company might not have any way of being certain about the leased plane’s condition. They may not know what the plane was last used for. Also, it probably won’t come fully equipped with medical supplies and an emergency room.

Companies owning their own jets are able to keep their aircraft fully equipped all the time. This is because the planes are used exclusively as air ambulances. It isn’t necessary for crew to load portable equipment and supplies into the planes because they are kept completely stocked and supplied at all times.

If you’d like to check an air ambulance company out ahead of time, usually you can check their references. Some companies have testimonials published on their websites. Others might let you contact former passengers of theirs to find out what their experience was. If you need to make arrangements for medical air transport on a frequent basis, you might have enough time to do all of this, or if you might need this service sometime in the future. You can visit or visit, are some good resources to check out air ambulance companies.

domestic air medical transpoorts 300x126 What Medical Jet Flights Are The Best?Many of the best companies help with other things also. For example, when a patient is in need of being transported to a site that is far away, they also can help make future arrangements for transporting baggage, pets and family members.

You of course would never want to schedule a medical jet flight from a company that was not fully licensed and insured. FAA-compliant aircrafts must also be used. In addition, the medical team and flight crew need to be fully certified and licensed. U.S. companies need to be licensed with their home state’s department of health. Foreign companies need to have equivalent licensing from their home country.

There are air ambulance carriers that just have health care specialists for employees. The best companies ensure that they employ paramedics and registered nurses with certifications in critical care. Usually crew members have a decade of experience combined at a minimum. The teams are able to handle virtually any situation. Also, for further assistance, they are in communication on a continuous basis with medical experts stationed on the ground.

The staff needs to be air certified in addition to being board certified. The best medical flight crews also have five years minimum experience with emergency medicine as a prerequisite. You can learn more about air ambulance transports and crews at

Medical flights keep patients comfortable and help save lives during transport. There are air transporting companies specializing in this area. They provide patients with excellent care.

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Choosing The Medical Flight Service With The Right Equipment

People are carried from one place to another in air ambulances every day, for many different reasons. Most of the time, it is just because a medical flight is the easiest way to move a patient from one medical facility to another, especially when travelling to another state or country. Maybe they need to see a specialist who does not practice where they are located, or maybe the patient needs to be moved to a hospital with better equipment. However, air ambulances are also used to transport people who are in rural locations and need to be moved to high-tech hospitals quickly, and other emergencies.

Whatever the case, when a person needs to be transported via air for medical reasons, the plane should have all of the necessary life-saving equipment on board, as well as skillfully trained medical professionals.

Just how do you choose the best air ambulance service? Start by taking a close look at many different companies reputations. The best ones always have modern aircraft, each supplied with cutting edge medical equipment, and have an experienced medical crew on each and every flight.

Take a closer look at the medical crew. Good medical air services should have a well experienced team of licensed medical professionals. This includes doctors, paramedics and nurses. Emergencies are capable of happening during the flight, and the crew are responsible for the patient’s well being every second along the way. The medical staff need to have all of the mandatory certifications for being part of a medical air transportation service. Also, they should take part in certified educational courses regularly to keep up with the latest methods and technology in the field of medicine.

Though most medical flights are not for true emergencies, all the aircraft should still be modern, the crew well experienced, and the medical equipment kept up-to-date.

With each flight arises a new and challenging situation. Each patient is unique, with his or her own unique needs. Some patients need only to be kept warm and comfortable while in the air. Others might need life saving equipment to be put to good use during the flight.

What type of aircraft is most appropriate to use as an air ambulance? It differs, depending upon the duration of the flight, where it is located, and the weather. Many air ambulances are Learjets, however, turboprop and twin engine planes are also used, and are quite suited to the job.

A trained coordinator should be the one to determine which aircraft will be best suited to each particular flight. They should take into consideration the distance of the flight, size of the destination’s airport, and weather conditions. The objective is to reach the end of the flight with as little disturbance to the patient as is obtainable.

A good medical flight service should be capable of flying within its national borders and internationally, as well. They should look upon the patient and his or her family members as honored guests. They should care for the patient and accompanying family members as if they were the crew’s own personal family. You can find some additional travelling and air medical transport posts by checking out this website.

Let’s take a look at some of the most standard equipment that should be on board every air ambulance. These things may end up being life saving when a patient is on board a medical flight.

Over half of all medical flights take place during the night. Because of this, crew members should have enhanced night vision goggles, which enable them to be able to see any obstacles on the ground that may be in their path when preparing for takeoff and taxiing after landing.

Monitors that read and diagnose patient’s vital signs are extremely important to have in the air ambulance. There are many different monitors that are designed for use on medical flights. The air pressure changes at varying altitudes on a flight, and this can affect the monitors, if they are not designed specifically for use in air ambulances. This is why it is critical that the monitors on board are designed for use in the air.

Isollete incubators are specially made incubators for babies who are in critical condition. These incubators monitor the infant’s vital signs closely, provide oxygen, and remain a constant comfortable temperature, which is very important for babies who are premature or seriously ill.

An i-STAT is a hand-held blood analyzer that shows high quality blood analysis in real time. This piece of equipment allows the crew to do extensive blood testing – and get the results immediately, without having to take it to a lab.

Ventilators are critical to have on board. A good, high quality ventilator can meet the requirements of any patient and is programmable to control each individual patient’s breathing. Again, it is extremely important that any equipment used in air ambulances is designed specifically for use at varying altitudes.

A good number of cardiac patients, along with many other patients who are in critical condition, may need more than one IV line. This is so that the crew can give the patient both fluids and different medications all at once. Therefore, infusion pumps are necessary on every air ambulance. New and enhanced infusion pumps are one of the reasons that patients who used to be thought of as too sick to travel can now be safely transported by air.

There is no way to know when you may have to take a medical flight, or for what reason. Because of this, it is critical that the company that you choose is properly equipped with all of the most modern life-saving medical equipment available, as well as skilled and experienced crew members.

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An Important Guide To Follow For Air Ambulances

An air ambulance performs a very important service, which is to transport injured persons that are most often in critical state. Air ambulances are the best option to use when the patient is seriously injured and a ground ambulance would not be able to transport the patient to the hospital on time. In some cases, when a emergency occurs and the patient is not anywhere near a hospital, these services might be able to save lives by transporting patients to a care facility much faster.

An air ambulance is an airplane that is fully equipped to handle severely injured patients. It carries a critical care unit and the aircraft has medical staff as well as a crew on board that is trained especially for these emergency situations. The medical staff could consist of a doctor and nurses, as well as paramedics and respiratory therapists, among others. The staff that is on the aircraft is trained to give critical care unit care and is specialized in treating a trauma injury, as well as other specialized care needs. In case of an emergency, it is in most cases allowed for one or more family members to join the patient in the aircraft.

As with most ambulances, the air ambulances also have medical equipment on the aircraft for emergency situations. This equipment can include medications, a ventilator and more. Also, everything is tested and cleaned before every single flight.

Solomonrescue 300x186 An Important Guide To Follow For Air AmbulancesIf an emergency situation occurs it will depend on the situation which airplane will be used. For example, the distance can be a determining factor as well as the current situation of the person itself. An example of an often used air ambulance is a helicopter. These aircraft’s however, are most often used to transport patients to the nearest hospital and are not totally equipped for long distance flights. Once the patient arrives at the hospital, the medical staff there has all the equipment necessary to take care of the patient properly. Helicopters are also ideal to access areas that cannot be accessed by regular ambulances. Watch a real life emergency helicopter air ambulance rescue at

If the patient is further away from the nearest hospital, a helicopter might not be the ideal option. In these cases jets are most often used. This is especially true if the distance is more than 500 miles. These airplanes can fly faster than most other air ambulances and are able to fly for longer without refueling. Because jets can also fly higher, the flight is more comfortable for the patient, which is especially important in critical situations.

As the aircraft is transporting the patient, he of she will be constantly monitored. Most patients in air ambulances are either there because of a critical trauma, cardiac arrest or severe respiratory problems. Though other patients may be transported of the situation allows for it. Guidelines for air medical transport dispatch.

The price of an air ambulance

Obviously, an aircraft is more expensive than a regular ambulance, which is why these services are also more costly. Even though the prices of air ambulances can vary a great deal, most often they are somewhere in between 10 and 100 grand. In some cases even more. If you live in a remote location, it might be worth considering a insurance company that covers the costs of air ambulances. This is also worth considering if you have seriously ill people in your house.

The costs will greatly depend on the distance the plane has to travel to the nearest medical facility, any specialized equipment that is necessary, as well as the medical staff that needs to be present to take care of the patient. A longer distance will cost more than short distances, as a different airplane is requires and the fuel is more expensive. If the patient is seriously ill or in a critical situation, more staff may need to attend the airplane.

A private insurance firm will most likely cover these expenses, however, only in certain situations. In most policies it will say that it is only covered when it is medically necessary, which is only the case when doctors say that patients to be taken to the closest facility by plane. If the situation occurs where you are currently on a holiday and something serious happens, you might want to fly home to receive the care in your own country. In these cases, chances are that these expenses are not covered. It is therefore advisable that you inform yourself on the coverage of your medical insurance. Sometimes the coverage for these specific expenses is also available when someone is traveling abroad.

If someone is not insured or cannot prove it, the patient will most likely need to pay upfront. By getting the right insurance, patients can save a lot of money.

Choosing the right air insurance firm

If you are looking for the right insurance company, you need to pay attention to several things. It is also in your best interest to compare at least a few different firms, as this will give you an advantage. You need to pay attention to several criteria, such as:

* Experience is a very important factor. You need to check how long the company exists, as well as their records and see of there are any bad reviews about this specific firm. Obviously, you should only choose the best company with a clean record and good reviews.

* Another important criteria is that the company fulfills all the federal requirements and can show the necessary licenses. Also see if they can show you that they are indeed insured and only have experienced and well trained medical staff on board.

* Something else that is important is that all the airplanes need to be FAA licensed. If you have specific needs during an emergency, the company should also be able to help you with the right plan.

The costs

Always make sure to get at least three to five quotes, so you can be sure that you will get the best price. Also make sure to factor in the above criteria, so that also get the best possible services for the price you pay.

This is a great initial guide for you to start with. You can also check out another air ambulance guide that has been known to be helpful to many patients as well by checking out

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Understanding The Different Levels Of Medical Air Transport Services

When it comes to medical air transport, most people think it is for responding to medical emergencies. However, it is very important to be aware that there are other types of medical situations that might need these services as well.

Stable patients many times need to be transported somewhere by air. The medical passenger’s life in these situations might not be on the line, however, the individual might need medical supervision on a continuous basis while being transported. This might make commercial air travel impractical.

Whenever medical air transport is a necessity, the right choice will depend on what kind of medical care is needed by the passenger.

Medical Air Travel That Needs Basic Life Support Help

Passengers needing this level of medical care usually are in stable condition. However, their medical condition needs to be constantly supervised and monitored. In these situations, the aircraft needs to have on board basic medical devices like FFA approved cardiopulmonary monitoring equipment, oxygen, breathing support and a stretcher.

Also for this kind of medical flight, a flight-certified nursing specialist or paramedic is required to be on board. The more skilled one of these two is a paramedic. Whatever kind of medical professional is on board, the individual needs to be flight certified and also be capable of taking accurate blood pressure readings, tracking heart function and monitoring IV lines.

Medical Air Travel Needing Advanced Life Support Help

Depositphotos 2217477 m 300x199 Understanding The Different Levels Of Medical Air Transport ServicesIn this situation, the medical patient needs medical care but is in stable condition. The aircraft needs to be equipped with medical equipment of a higher standard, including equipment necessary for inserting IV lines, controlling an irregular heartbeat, maintaining open airways and cardiac defibrillation equipment.

Personnel like nurses and doctors on board the flight all are fully versed in what the presenting medical issue is for the patient. This helps to prepare them for managing any kind of medical emergency situation that is likely to occur.

Medical Air Travel Needing Critical Care Services

This is the highest and most advanced level of medical air transportation services. In this situation, the aircraft needs to staffed and equipped as completely as a hospital would. In this situation, the medical passenger needs continuous medical attention and care throughout the entire flight.

For medical air travel, the watchword is professionalism, and with a highly-skilled medical team it is something you can count on. We have a medical flight staff that is fully prepared to provide you with the highest level of quality medical care that is needed on a Learjet aircraft that is fully equipped. These first-rate, medically-configured aircraft are capable of comfortably accommodating the patient along with as many as five additional passengers. Flight times range from 4.5 to 6 hours.

The medical team for every flight is made up of fully qualified and highly skilled medical flight professionals who have many hours worth of medical aircraft experience. All of our staff members meet the required FAA flight and training standards. Also, all of them have medical training in critical areas like lifeguard operations, cockpit resource management, patient handling and aeronautical decision making. All are staff are knowledgeable and well versed in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

Professional medical teams have everything it takes to deliver all levels of medical air transport. It doesn’t matter whether you need a fully equipped air transport service to the hospital or just are in need of a commercial medical escort, there are some companies that have the best medical professional teams and right equipment to meet all of your needs. If you aren’t sure what medical transport level of care is needed, just call a few companies. Their professional, friendly specialists will be glad to discuss your situation with you to assess what your needs are and help you with making plans to get the proper level of care. You can also read some additional posts and helpful information on air medical transport by visiting

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Requirements For Flight Nurses And Paramedics On International Flights

International Medical Flights – Nurses & Paramedics

MattLejcar ps blog 277x300 Requirements For Flight Nurses And Paramedics On International FlightsBeing a flight nurse or a flight paramedic can be very rewarding. You get to save people’s lives, therefore feeling your life does have a meaning. However, making the transition from a regular nurse in a hospital or a paramedic on a land ambulance is not easy. There are lots of requirements you need to comply with, and necessary certifications along with an active participation in programs of continuing medical education.

Moreover, flight nurses and paramedics need to have previous experience in intensive care units in hospitals or in emergency services. They need to be able to cope with all medical emergencies that may occur while on an aircraft. If they have Advanced Cardiac Life Support and International Trauma Life Support certifications, they stand a better chance at landing a job in air medical transport.

Careers As Flight Nurses Or Paramedics

For getting a job as a flight nurse or paramedic, you need to get in touch with the hiring company and ask them for a detailed job description and requirements.

You will need at least NIMS training IS 100, 200, 700, 800 and HazMat, a specialty certification such as CFRN, CCRN or CEN and advanced trauma courses.

Some of these certifications are not pre-requisites, but you need to acquire them within a certain period of hire. You can usually find these jobs posted on the websites of various international medical flight operators.

One idea might be to apply as a team of nurse and paramedic, especially if you have several years of working together in ambulance or emergency services on land. This kind of job, more than many others, requires a special dedication to the care and safety of the patients, therefore this job takes people who are compassionate, professional and rigorous, who can assess a situation act quickly to do whatever it takes to stabilize a patient and transport them safely.

High Level Of Training Required

Flight nurses and paramedics need to be very well trained and very stable from emotional point of view. While in air, they need to be able to assess the nature and the extent of a patient’s injury or illness and know how to prioritize care needed, to keep the patient as stable as possible throughout the flight.

Safety is key in this profession. Moreover, all medical staff needs to be able to maintain their calm and to focus on the patient in a medical flight emergency.

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